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Take a look at our member benefits and criteria below.

And if all this sounds interesting to you...

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Attend talks and debates on farming today.

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Gain insight into different farms and their methods.



Meet fellow agriculturalists and make new friends.

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Be inspired!

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Sample delicious food and drink at our lunch events.

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Spark your adventurous spirit.

Qualification for Membership

A member shall maintain or promote a high standard of farming, a progressive and adventurous spirit and actively seek to help farmers to reach a high degree of efficiency in their business.

A member shall actively help the rising generation of farmers and agriculturalists in the gaining of practical experience and cooperation in activities designed to benefit the agricultural industry.

Membership is made up of those complying with the foregoing rules primarily within the three Ridings of Yorkshire


The Management shall be in the hands of a Committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and six other committee members.

The officers and members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in February.  The office of Chairman shall not be held for more than one year and shall be filled from each of the three Ridings in rotation.  The office of Vice Chairman will be held for one year and shall be filled by a Committee member from the appropriate Riding.  The newly elected Vice Chairman shall be the person selected to act as Chairman during the following year.

Two members from each Riding shall constitute the committee of six.  Each Committee member will serve for a period of two years.  Each Riding should be represented by at least one member who has served for at least one year on the Committee in order to meet this requirement a three year term may be undertaken by a Committee member.  The Committee has the power to fill any casual vacancy occurring in its ranks during the year, and any member thus elected shall serve for the unexpired term of the member in whose place he is appointed.

The nomination of a propose new member shall be made either by the Committee or by a proposer and seconder who are members of the YAA or if between meetings, by two members of the Committee.

A nomination made in the latter manner should must be on the prescribed form, give particulars of the person concerned, and preferably be signed by the proposer and seconder, and be sent to the Honorary Secretary.  

The nominations and observations of membership (to be submitted to the Secretary) will be reviewed by the Committee and nominations approved will be submitted to the General Meeting for endorsement. 

Each member may introduce one friend to each meeting of the YAA provided that due notice is given to the Hon Secretary.  Normally the same guest may not be brought to more than one meeting during the year, preference being that they become a full member.


Agricultural staff and final year agricultural students of Askham Bryan College and Bishop Burton College will be extended free membership, after receipt of a membership application form.

All members and guests attending meetings are required to sign their names in the attendance book; apologies for absence will be duly noted.

Members are required to attend at least two of the five general meetings each year.  Those who fail to fulfil this requirement without due notification will have their continuation of membership reviewed by the Committee.

The Association will recognise annual, the significant achievement of one or more individuals engaged in the field of agriculture by the award of an Honorary Fellowship of the Association to be awarded at the Annual General Meeting.  The criteria for selecting this award will be closely aligned to the object of the Association and in particular, its adventurous spirit and will be determined by the Committee.


After 12 years of continuous membership, members shall become, at the discretion of the Committee, Fellows of the YAA after which their attendance will no longer be obligatory.  However, Fellows are expected to maintain contact with the Secretary, and failure to communicate on two consecutive years will involve automatic withdrawal of membership.

A limited number of persons shall be made Honorary members of the YAA at the discretion of the Committee.  

The annual subscription shall be £25 payable in January in advance.  Any member whose subscription is more than three months in arrears shall cease automatically to be a member.

 Subject to adequate funds, the Association will award an annual scholarship of £500 to an agricultural student to support their education.  The award will be a merit based, competitive process and the final selection will be made by a panel of members.  All applicants must live in Yorkshire at the time of application and must be studying at a recognised agricultural college or university in the UK.

The accounts shall be audited and presented at the AGM.

The summer meeting shall take the form of a field day in each of the three Ridings in annual rotation.  In addition to such visits every effort shall be made to visit places outside Yorkshire.

Invitations to attend meetings shall be extended to two members of the Yorkshire and Humberside Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in February.  No rules shall be made, altered or rescinded except at this meeting, or at an Extraordinary General Meeting for that specific purpose.

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